💶 BUDGET 2022 💶

Breakdown of today’s budget.

Full details of Budget 2022 at the link below:

💶+ €5 in the main weekly welfare payments

👵+ €5 State pension

🔥+ €5 in weekly fuel allowance payment (takes effect from tonight)

💶Minimum wage increase to €10.50

🤰+ €5 weekly Maternity Benefit

👨‍👩‍👧+ €5 weekly Parental Leave

♿€100 million for disability services

👩‍🏫1,200 additional Special Needs Assistants

🇮🇪 €40 million to market Ireland overseas as a tourist destination

👩Means-test for Carer’s Allowance to be broadened – Thousands more carers

👩‍🏫+ €10 Back to School Allowance

👩‍👧‍👧More lone parents will also be eligible to receive Back to School Allowance

💶Double payment of welfare allowances at Christmas

🍼Freeze of childcare fees

🩺Free GP care to children under eight

🚍Half price public transport for 19 to 23 year olds from the middle of next year

👮‍♂️+ 800 Gardaí and 400 civilian staff

🚲20% increase in the Garda Mountain Bike unit.

🗃€50 increase in personal tax credit

💶€1,500 extra in higher tax rate threshold

👩‍💻Working from home credit where you can claim 30% of broadband and electricity off taxation – Threshold also increasing

🍽Hot school meals to benefit 15,000 more students

👩Free contraception for women 17-25

✈️€90m for aviation

🏥€4bn health

🏨€250m to reduce waiting lists in health

🚸Teacher pupil ratio in primary schools reduced from 25 to 24

🏥Domiciliary Allowance paid for children in hospital for 6 months, up from 3 months

✋€2 million fund to assist community safety projects

🛑€13 million to tackle domestic, sexual and gender-based violence.

🎸€25 million to support live events sector

🎭Pilot scheme to provide a basic income for artists

💊Drugs Repayment Scheme – maximum amount someone will pay for approved prescribed drugs will be cut from €114 a month to €100.

FULL DETAILS HERE: https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/2c63a-your-guide-to-budget-2022/