Budget 2023 – A brief summary


✅Childcare fees down 25%. This reduction will kick in from the 1st of January next year and will see parents save up to €2,100 per child, per annum.
✅ Free School book scheme for primary pupils from Sept 2023

✅€390m Investment in Rural Ireland

✅1190 SNAs and 680 special education teachers
✅Cut in the pupil-teacher ratio will create 370 teaching positions

✅Two tax credits for renters totaling €1,000

✅Entry point for top tax bracket moved up to €40,000

✅ Student fees cut by €1000 ✅Double SUSI Payment

✅ €100m for schools to cover energy costs; €10m for further and higher institutions

✅A tax on vacant homes which will be levied at three times the LPT rate

✅Zero VAT rate for newspapers.

✅Zero VAT rate for defibrillators, hormone replacement therapy and certain period products that are currently subject to 9% rate

✅ 3 more domestic universal €200 electricity credits, over the next three billing cycles.

✅ Double child benefit to be paid in November, a double week payment to all social welfare payments to be made in October.
Along with the double Christmas payment🎄

✅ €400 lump sum payment for Fuel Allowance recipients.

✅ €500 lump sum for those in receipt of the working family payment.

✅ 1,000 extra Gardaí and 430 extra Garda civilian staff

✅ The 20% public transport fare reduction and 50% reduction on the youth travel card extended until the end of 2023

✅ €6.2 billion will be allocated to the Department of Housing for 2023, with €1.7 billion for social housing

✅ €225m extra to tackle waiting lists, Free GP care extended to more than 400k people

✅Publicly Funded IVF Scheme

✅Expansion of GP Card Scheme – with more than half the population eligible

✅FREE contraception for women up to 30 years old

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