Digital Hubs for Mayo will Promote Remote Working

A Digital Hub for Castlebar would act as a catalyst for remote working and attract new businesses to the town.

“A Digital Hub should be developed in Castlebar, to encourage tech start-ups in the area as well as supporting existing businesses.

“Having a hub in the town would also give local smaller and medium sized businesses a better chance to go digital themselves, something which can save them money and open up new opportunities.

“Any facility should also have significant hot desk space to allow local people to rent desk space for varying periods.

“A Digital Hub would be just another ingredient in the mix to make Castlebar a flagship town in the West of Ireland for businesses, both local and global. It would drive more jobs for the town.

“There are sites available including Castlebar that could be used as a site for a Digital Hub.

“Such a development would also feed into the Government’s upcoming remote working strategy which will look at a national strategy to promote flexible working practices.

“It would also have a transformative effect on the town bringing a new energy and a renewed focus on entrepreneurship.”

“I have called on the Government to advance a ‘Bring them Home’ strategy to help people from communities across Mayo and similar counties to return home to live and work in their home communities.

“It is developments like a Digital Hub that will future-proof the town in terms of jobs and help ensure that families and young people can build successful and fulfilling lives here, without having to commute to the cities or move across the country to Dublin.

“I often say there is more to life than what happens inside the M50 and a Digital Hub would be a way to help people live a life outside the M50, without sacrificing their professional ambitions.”