Sewage Leak Castlebar

Dillon highlights unacceptable sewage leak entering Castlebar’s Saleen Lake  

  • Sewage leak from manhole in housing estate on Castlebar;
  • Runoff entering nearby Saleen Lake, which feeds into Lough Lannagh;
  • Action required to remedy sewage leak and prevent water pollution.

Fine Gael General Election candidate for Mayo, Alan Dillon, recently witnessed a sewage leak while canvassing a Lakeshore Drive in Castlebar.  The leak is happening regularly after heavy rain and sewage runoff then enters a football playing area in the estate and enters Saleen Lake which continues onto Castlebar’s Lough Lannagh.

Sewage Leak at Lakeshore Drive, Castlebar

Mr. Dillon said: “I spoke with local residents during a recent canvass, who informed me the issue has been raised with Irish Water and other bodies.  Regrettably, little action appears to have taken place and I wish to assure local residents and water-users that I will be following-up on their concerns, as a matter of urgency.  Lough Lannagh plays a key role in promoting Castlebar and any risk to it or other local waterways must be remedied before they pose a pollution and health risk.”

Mr. Dillon added: “It is equally unfortunate that local residents in the estate on Castlebar’s Ballinrobe Road are experiencing undesirable levels of pollution so close to nearby households.  It was particularly concerning to see sewage entering and accumulating in a football playing area posing a public health hazard.  I will continue to monitor this issue and work with the relevant bodies to bring about a safe and acceptable solution.”