Dillon urges people to check the Register of Electors

Fine Gael General Election candidate for Mayo, Alan Dillon is urging people to check the Register of Electors as soon as possible.  He wishes to make people around Mayo aware that there is a limited window of opportunity for making any corrections or additions to the Register of Electors.

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Deadline for inclusion/correction on the Register of Electors

Mr Dillon explains the deadline for inclusion or correction on the Register of Electors next published on the 15th February 2020 is next Monday 25th November  and the responsibility is on voters themselves to ensure they are registered.

He also points out that for those unsure of whether they have a vote, as well as finding the relevant application forms, they can visit a dedicated website: www.checktheregister.ie

“Voting is the one right that makes us all equal in a democracy and the opportunity to have our say should not be taken for granted. 2020 has the potential to be a busy year at the Polling Stations with the upcoming General Election and now is the time for people all over Mayo to ensure their voice will be heard.  It should not take more than 60 seconds to check the register online on the dedicated website.”