€50m support package for Live Performance Sector

In response to the introduction of new restrictions on live performance capacities, a new suite of Government supports has been announced.

These include:

  • €5m for the seasonal musical theatre and pantomime scheme (LPSS 2), funding will increase from €2m to €5m and the turnover requirement is being reduced to €100,000 from €300,000 with applications being accepted until the end of January 2022.  This scheme is now open for applications;
  • €20m for another strand of the Live Performance Support Scheme (LPSS 3), specifically to support performances in December and January which may need to be cancelled, curtailed or rescheduled. This scheme will open for applications on Friday December 17th.  Venues, including nightclubs that stage live performances, Producers and Promoters can apply for up to 50% of their eligible costs;
  • A minimum of €14m for another strand of the Live Performance Support Scheme (LPSS 4), to support performances being staged from February 2022 to June 2022.  This scheme will open in January 2022.  If further funds are required the Minister will seek additional funding from the Covid Contingency Fund;
  • €5m for Local Authorities to support local artists and performances through the LLPSS (Local Live Performance Support Scheme).  This will include funding for community and local pantomimes;
  • €5m to continue the capital supports scheme (CECGS) to venues, including for ventilation upgrades and other Covid adaptations;
  • €1m for the Saint Patricks Festival 2022.
  • The Minister is examining how further supports can be provided to the broader events sector.
  • Further details on all of the schemes, including guidelines and information on the application process, will be made available on the Department’s website shortly.