Alan Dillon with Beef Farmer, Owen O'Malley in Islandeady

EU and Gov measures must protect farm incomes – Deputy Dillon 

Alan Dillon pictured with Beef Farmer, Owen O’Malley in Islandeady

Mayo Fine Gael TD Alan Dillon has called for immediate measures to be put in place at both EU and Government level to keep the beef sector operational during this difficult period.

Deputy Dillon said “from speaking to Mayo beef, suckler and sheep farmers over the weekend there is a urgent need to assist farmers cope with the extreme income difficulties at present, the options on direct payment supports must be vigorously pursued at both EU and national level.

“The unspent €24m BEAM (2019 emergency measure) funding should be mobilised and made available to beef farmers immediately”.

He added “in addition to this there is a need to activate the EU option of APS (Aids to Private Storage) support and remove some product from the market, with financing from outside of the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy)”.

The Mayo Fine Gael TD added “We must ensure farmers’ incomes are protected and they must feel reassured about their future. It is my job to raise this issue that matters most to Mayo farmers to Minister Creeds office”.

Mr Dillon concluded  by saying “The Government must now utilise the state aid provisions that have been made available under the Temporary Framework to support farmers affected by the COVID-19 emergency and call for urgent EU measures, including EU direct aid and other market supports for price related losses.”