New Government funding to support community mental health initiatives in Mayo

Sports and community organisations in Mayo are set to benefit from new Government funding for community mental health initiatives.

According to Fine Gael General Election Alan Dillon:

“€3 million in funding will be available nationally for sports and community organisations working to promote mental health and alleviate loneliness as part of their work. I strongly encourage local groups to apply for this funding which could really boost their work.

“Fine Gael in Government is hugely committed to the continued development of a high-quality mental health service for all. This new funding is just one example of how we can go about achieving that.

“Our policy ‘A Vision for Change’ has provided the framework for mental health policy since 2006. A refresh of this policy is nearing completion and will provide a roadmap for the future of mental health policy in Ireland.

“Over €1 billion is being spent on mental health services this year and funding has increased by over €270 million since 2012. We will open a new state of the art Central Mental Hospital and recruit more staff in this area.

“€3 million was allocated for minor capital works in 2018 to help improve mental health facilities and modernise care settings for the benefit of the people who need them as well as the dedicated staff working there.

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Dillon encourages local groups to apply

“This new funding is targeted to support local organisations to continue doing great work in their communities in the area of mental health.

“I strongly encourage all interested organisations to find out about the type of actions planned under the Fund and how to apply. They can contact the Local Community Development Committee (LCDCs) through Mayo County Council. Alternatively, they can contact Mayo Children & Young People’s Services Committee (CYPSC).” 



Preventative and early intervention well-being practices

Minister of State with special responsibility for Older People and Mental Health Jim Daly TD said:

“This €3 million fund will help local organisations to improve the mental well-being of people within our communities.

“Local community groups such as sporting organisations, youth clubs and others have an existing network of members along with an existing built infrastructure that allows them to connect with large numbers of people with the minimum of effort. The leaders of these clubs are generally held in high regard and very much trusted by their members.

“This fund is designed to assist these voluntary groups to enhance the wonderful work they are already doing by providing funding to put in place preventative and early intervention well-being practices within their organisation.”


Recognising invaluable work of local mental health initiatives

Minister for Health, Simon Harris said:

“National policies must support the role our local communities have in the area of mental health. They reach places our health service can’t. They have the trust, respect and admiration of their community.

“They are leaders and pillars of their community and this fund goes some way in recognising the invaluable work they do and to help them help us.”