Submission of Nomination Papers at Castlebar Court House

Yesterday I submitted his nomination papers to Returning Officer, Fintan Murphy, as I vie to replace Enda Kenny as a Castlebar-based TD for Mayo. It’s not a decision I’ve taken lightly.

“Putting yourself forward for public office is a decision that I don’t think any individual takes lightly.

“It is a process that is going to test you, and your nearest and dearest. You are stepping into the public arena, and, rightly, you have to pitch yourself, your credentials, potential and values to the people.

“Politics is a different business in the digital age, as you are scrutinised, challenged, and often personally attacked. I say this for all election candidates, everyone faces this and no matter of political affiliation, we should respect each other. I believe people who step into this arena, do so in the interest of public good.

“My decision to run for election in the Mayo constituency comes from a deep-rooted belief that the 158 TDs, representing 40 constituencies in Dáil Éireann must be reflective of modern Irish society.

“I also believe that politics needs a mix of talent and ability and I wouldn’t even consider putting myself forward if I did not believe that I could deliver for Mayo, for many years to come.

I want to thank those who came along with me to submit my nomination papers. It was certainly a moment to remember. The support team on my heels providing momentum in this campaign is invaluable.

“I am a team player, always have been. So, to my family and friends and team of supporters, this journey is for all of you and the people who will vote for me on February 8th.”