Topics for Elections - Climate Action

Topics For Elections | Climate Action

The Fine Gael plan will deliver warmer homes, cleaner air and a more sustainable economy.

Top Lines

• 70% of electricity will be generated from renewable sources.

• We will upgrade 500,000 homes to make them warmer and more energy efficient.

• Our transport plan has three main parts: investing in public transport; investing in safe cycling and active travel; and making the transition from fossil fuel cars to electric cars.

Just Transition is at the heart of our Climate Action Plan. In 2020 our focus will be on the Midlands:

– €80m Bord na Mona bog restoration programme to create jobs and improve biodiversity to be funded through a Public Service Obligation

– €20m into our home Upgrade Plan, which will start with social homes in the Midlands

– €11m Just Transition Fund to support retraining and re-skilling workers and assist local communities and businesses in the midlands

– €5m Bog restoration programme by the National Parks and Wildlife Service

Carbon tax: We will increase the carbon tax by €6 each year. Every cent will be ring fenced and invested into climate action, supporting a just transition, and tackling energy poverty.