Topics for Elections - Economic Plan

Topics For Elections | Economic Plan

• Over the last couple of years growth has returned to our economy.

Economic progress is vital – it means more jobs and putting more money in people’s pockets. And a strong economy is the foundation of a fair society – it means resources are once more available to invest in vital public services such as health, education, transport, employing more nurses, doctors, teachers, Gardaí. We welcome the considerable progress – but we know it’s not enough.

• Only Fine Gael has the track record, the people and the plans to build a future to look forward to.

• We are passionate about building that future. We have worked hard over recent years to reduce our debt, put aside surplus funds to protect us against unexpected shocks, get people back to work, and put in place a team to deliver a strong Brexit trade deal – now is not the time to take risks.

• Fine Gael has a plan for our economic future – a plan to protect the hard work of so many Irish families and citizens over the last few years – a plan that ensure more and better jobs by getting the best Brexit deal.

Fine Gael’s Economic Plan

• A strong Brexit trade deal with the UK – to protect jobs, farms, businesses – big and small and vulnerable regions

Reduce debt to protect the economy, so we can keep investing in schools, hospitals and homes.

• Prudently managing the economy so there is a job for everyone who wants one, rising wages and funds for old age pensions and social welfare payments.

• A budget surplus that allows us create reserves to protect the country from any drop in tax revenue from the multi-nationals, due to changes in global tax rules

• Under Project Ireland 2040, continue to increase capital spending for infrastructure meeting the future needs of society – e.g. the 25 New Ross bypass which will open shortly, the road upgrade works on the N4 and N5 and ongoing work at the TU Dublin campus in Grangegorman.

• Specifically focus capital investment to tackle climate change, expand broadband and improve public transport across the country