Topics for Elections - Farmers

Topics For Elections | Protecting Farmers’ Interests

Protecting farmers’ interests at core of Fine Gael’s agriculture plans.

· Fine Gael is the only party with a real plan for farmers and the agri-food sector.

· We are committed to safeguarding farm incomes against the threat posed by Brexit.

· We will negotiate a strong CAP budget with a focus on young farmers. Fine Gael’s record is one that saw €12bn negotiated for Irish farmers in the last CAP.

· Fine Gael has the strongest team available when it comes to protecting Irish interests against the threat posed by Brexit.

· Brexit is only at half time and continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing the agri-food sector.

· We will prioritise supporting our family farm structure and the next generation of farmers through farm gate investment and the taxation system.

· Fine Gael will establish a regulator to police unfair trading practices.

· We will support beef sector through implementation of beef sector agreement.

· We will and develop Ireland’s beef sector so that we have a robust and viable suckler sector that delivers a reliable and good income for farmer.

· Under Fine Gael, we have already delivered the opening of the Chinese market for Irish beef exports, the Japan market for sheep meat exports and other market access in countries such as Qatar, Kuwait and Ukraine – we will continue to pursue market diversification.

· We will develop the successor strategy to Foodwise 2025, which brought exports at an all-time high of €14.5bn in 2019. Income sustainability for farmers and environmental sustainability will be at its heart.