Topics for Elections - Social Housing

Topics for Elections | Social Housing

• We will deliver 60,000 social houses over the next five years.

• With Fine Gael in Government, 2020 will see the highest number of social homes added to the stock in a single year this century. Over 11,000 homes will be delivered.

• We are taking a long-term view. We know money must be invested every year on new home construction and planned maintenance, which is why we provided €11.6bn for social housing out to 2027 in our Project Ireland 2040 plan.

• The private sector has a role to play in delivering social homes, but this will reduce as our building programme continues to expand. Fine Gael is the only party which has set out its long-term vision for the social housing sector.

• Our housing plan is driven by need (not ideology).

• This level of investment is only possible because of the strong economic performance. To ensure that continues, we need a good Brexit deal. It’s only half-time in Brexit and we should not change a winning team.